Esquimalt 5k

Wow… what an awesome day!  The Esquimalt 5k once again brought together hundreds of excited walkers and runners whom had trained eagerly awaiting an opportunity to put their bodies to the test.  You couldn’t step far without spotting a Sole Sister… and selfishly – it was the best sight and sound possible!  There is no better feeling than that of encouragement or reassurance when internally you begin to question, “should I just stop now”… and then you hear it, “GO SISTER YOU CAN DO IT”… and we all did…
Congratulations to all of you for committing to the journey, pushing through it and YES adding to your list of achievements.  I know some sisters were unable to join us that day and completed their own 5ks ‘cyberly’… Congrats to you too!  I know there were even a couple of you who made it there and had to face injury unable to partake… BUT they did the sister thing and staying around to cheer the rest of us on… and YES we moved for you too!
…my highlight of the event… the last 400 meters… When I had the privilege of witnessing YOU in your final stretch… THANK YOU!

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