I am thrilled to announce that The TEAM JACK 2011 Marathon Relay raised $6922.06 ~ all to the pediatric oncology ward at VGH!  Amazing…

This brings TEAM JACK fundraising to over $35,000 over the past 3 years.  In addition to this another $27,000+ was raised through our events and fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital.

EXCITING NEWS:  After submitting the chq from the TEAM JACK 2011 efforts… I learned that the much need isolation room for our VGH pediatric oncology ward has been approved for construction and YES our fundraising efforts will make it happen!

TEAM JACK kick off Party!!

Saturday Oct 8th, 2011 – 4-5pm – and YOU are Invited!!

Hello everyone…it just feels right…
… 9 months and counting as of today – June 29th, 2012 is Jack’s last day of treatment…so I am holding true to my promise and running the marathons until he is done his ultra marathon…BUT really would love your company!   If you don’t want to actually walk or run a kilometer there are other parts of TEAM JACK that could use more hands…
Click here for all the details are attached on how people can join in the TEAM JACK marathon relay, the fundraising part of it and YES an official pledge form (click here)… NEW this year – TAX RECEIPTS can be given to all donors!!!
If you want to see what TEAM JACK looks like check this out… thanks Karen L. for creating this…it always reminds me of how powerful our team is! I hadn’t shared this special video clip yet as shortly before Karen had completed we lost a very special TEAM JACK member… kilometer 17 will always be Char’s kilometer.
So what now… email me and tell me if you are in?  Walker or runner?   Preferable time?  Preferable Kilometer number… ?  Mark your calendar for the TEAM JACK kick off party and be ready to be a part of a very powerful experience.
Please know… this is not about me… but about a team of people that come together to bring awareness, raise funds to keep at our local VGH pediatric oncology ward and move for a lot of kids that just want to be running, walking and outside of hospital walls… YES be like kids!  Everyone welcome… individuals, kids, families… it is a team effort.
Thank you…over and over again…

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