Esquimalt 5k Event Follow-Up

Wow… what a great way to start the weekend… THANK YOU for sharing the 5k event with me… with each other… with all of us together!

I always enjoy ‘racing’ (sure we can call it that know matter what speed we are moving… if you feel like racing then you are!)… but I must say – I enjoy even more the privilege of witnessing Sole Sister after Sole Sister rounding that last corner and completing the final leg of the distance.  This year was extra special watching bright pink vibrant tulips one after another cross the finish line… last year I had the honor of running Char down this final strip… I know this year many of us felt stronger wearing ‘her’ shirt…  SO… Thank you CHAR for your inspiration and THANK YOU – fantastic job… and as always a great ‘time’ by all!

Results are available at:

I don’t know what happened to the SOLE SISTERS title behind the other 140 of us who were out there but according to this – very few of us were sisters… not to worry – we know who we are!!!  And YES there were approx. 150 Sisters… !!!  Approx. 30% in attendance was made up of our ‘people’!  YES I think I will have to go in there and add our TEAM NAME!!!

Now that you are feeling confident to complete 5ks… and yes by tomorrow you will be feeling even more confident – you will find that… you may be wondering about the 10k…??  Well… YES with the next 6 weeks of training planned in your SOLE SISTERS manual we will focus on one week of ‘recover’… YES this week… 3 weeks of strength and speed, a performance week… a week of taper… and then it’s SHOWTIME!  You will be fine… please trust that…

So – I am giving you a very fancy dancy link to play with… go to:

… and select your distance (5k for today’s event) and plug in your time (i.e. 30:00 minutes) and then hit ‘get points’… scroll down and these are the ‘estimated’ times that you would complete the adjacent distance in ‘if’ you were trained today to do this distance.  No… it doesn’t mean that you could go out today and complete a marathon in that time even though you are only trained up to 5ks…

Congratulations to all of you… to those unable to complete the 5k in Esquimalt… please do not worry – I know many of you completed your own 5ks… and many are away and unable… We that were ‘present’ moved for all of those unable to!  THANK YOU Super Powered Sole Sister Lucy Smith for joining us… :)!  We may have to change your sponsorship to Sole Sisters so you CAN wear ‘our’ shirt!

Special thank you and mention to all the leaders who cheered SOLE SISTERS on AND ALL THE SOLE SISTERS… that stuck around and created the best welcome cheer ever for the next SOLE SISTERS coming ‘home’!  It’s all about supporting each other and together it’s working!

Thank you:)… I will be smiling all day because of each of you!

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