Hello everyone!  Yes the countdown is on!  35 wonderful ladies aer trained and ready to lead you through the 10k or half marathon journey.  It’s going to be wonderful!  Please do not stress if you have not submitted your paperwork or registration yet… YES, in a perfect world I would have loved to have received all information by today, January 17th… but that’s okay…and it begins one of the strong messages that I relay in the clinic.  It might not always be perfect… it doesn’t have to be perfect… it CAN still work!

So please do not worry!  Life is crazy busy and I understand that.  Please continue to register online if you are comfortable with that process or drop off at my home is great too!  Yes, we will take registrations at the door…. just trying to keep the waters somewhat calm as the first night of the clinic can always be a bit busy…okay – crazy but fun too!

To those of you already registered… THANK YOU!  Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again on Tuesday night!

Thank you again… and Welcome to Sole Sisters!


About Mena
I founded and created Sole Sisters officially as a program of my company, PowerWest Atheltics in 2007. After working with groups in walking and running for years previous, an obvious need and desire shone through for women. BSc. Major in Psychology, secondary studies in the school of Physical Education & Leisure Studies, Undergrad 1995. Diploma in Public Sector UVic in Management partially completed…planning to return soon to complete my masters in the School of Exercise Physiology. I am presently enrolled with the Leadership Victoria program and plan to graduate in May of 2014.

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