Quarters for Cubs

In 2007 I created a project called the Grizzlies Cub Fund. It was an easy way to give to families that had a child that was living with a life threatening illness or injury.  I coached hockey players power skating, monies were donated in lieu of registration fees enabling us to give to local families in need of financial support.  It felt great for everyone and we were able to make a difference.

In the 2009 Sole Sisters Clinic I introduced ’Quarters for Cubs’.  For those that have participated in ‘Quarters for Cubs’… they now look at a quarter and see something much greater than a value of 25 cents!

‘Quarters for Cubs’ is unique to the Sole Sisters!  Each week bring a quarter and put it in the Cub Fund box for our chosen cub.  Let’s pretend there are 200 of us total.  If each participant and leader brings just 1 quarter, we will raise $50 each week…and $700 in the course of 14 weeks!  In the past some sisters have brought in quarters for every walk or run they did and many extra fundraising events were creatively completed by Sole Sisters.  It’s a great incentive for each of us to participate in while continuing on our individual journey of pursuing a goal … moving for a child when they are unable to do so ~ is a  motivator of immeasurable value.

Every Sole Sisters season, we look for one or two local children that we would like to support.  Please, if you know of a family in need dealing with such adversity, pass their name along to me.   Sole Sisters want to help!

It’s the little things that can be GREAT!