Snow Sisters??

Well… “snow sisters” I have ordered beautiful January weather for our kick off date of Jan. 24th… do not worry!

Registration update… please note that January 17th was simply my ‘dream’ date of having all registrations handed in by…reality is always different… not to panic. Registrations are still being accepted…

Leaders… 30 of us are preparing for our training this Sunday and yes for YOU:)

PLEASE NOTE: Shoe fitting night has been moved to Monday, January 30th at FRONTRUNNERS downtown…Bra fit night has been moved to Monday, Feb. 6th at the same location. Please if you have any concerns on shoes right now and YES it is important that the shoe fit…and well… contact Rob at Frontrunners (250.382.8181) or ( and he or his staff will help you! Let him know you are a Sole Sister:)

Lastly, walking in the snow is a great workout…one hour of shovelling is near the equivalent of a 5k distance when speaking calories. Running in the snow… hmmmm not as safe… check out a treadmill at your local recreation centre!

Have a great day!


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