Pole Walking is Here!


WHY ADD POLES?  With walking or running you are effectively using 40-50% of the body’s muscles.  Using poles creates resistance for the upper body so that you use 90% of the body’s muscles.


1.  Strengthens upper body muscles, especially posture muscles.

2.  De-stresses neck and shoulder muscles.

3.  Takes up to 30% pressure off feet, knees and hip joints.

4.  Creates oblique muscles of steel, supporting lower back, and trimming waist.

5.  Stimulates 90% of mitochondria cells revving up energy and health at the cellular level.

6.  Requires cardiovascular system to expand network of capillaries.

7.  Easily raises heart rate to 130bpm…the walk & talk/fat burning zone.

8.  Although it is a bigger muscular workout than running, it always feels easy/doable. 


1.  You want an exercise that is very effective, but doesn’t feel “hard”.

2.  Want a total body workout

3.   Have sore feet, knees, or hip joints.

4.  You want to trim and tone upper body and waist.

5.  Your neck and shoulders are tense, sore, or stressed.

6.  Time is at a premium:  30 minutes of pole walking equals the calorie burn of 55 minutes of plain walking.

7.  You want to compete in events from 5km to ½ marathon.

8.  You want to learn something new, an activity that you can do all your life.

9.  You want a fun cross-training activity.



1.  You need to own your own poles.  We recommend Nordixx brand 3-section poles because of its superior detachable “glove” strap that makes learning easy, (and their ability to fit into a suitcase/backpack).  Nordixx poles will be for sale at the Sole Sisters clinic nights for $79.95 plus tax ($91).  However, if you already have poles, feel free to bring and use them.

2.  Nordic style pole walking takes about two to four weeks to reach an effective skill level.  Olympian and Nordixx Canada Master instructor Linda Schaumleffel, (and Sole Sister and Nordixx Canada Certified Instructor Pixcel Smith will be teaching pole walkers the skill at the Sole Sisters clinics) for the first month, then available for spot coaching. 

3.  The pole walkers will be following the same warm-up and 5km/10km training program as the other participants at Sole Sisters, and will be participating in the same events.

Please contact Master Nordixx Instructor, Linda Schaumleffel at Linda4success@shaw.ca, for more information.

About Mena
I founded and created Sole Sisters officially as a program of my company, PowerWest Atheltics in 2007. After working with groups in walking and running for years previous, an obvious need and desire shone through for women. BSc. Major in Psychology, secondary studies in the school of Physical Education & Leisure Studies, Undergrad 1995. Diploma in Public Sector UVic in Management partially completed…planning to return soon to complete my masters in the School of Exercise Physiology. I am presently enrolled with the Leadership Victoria program and plan to graduate in May of 2014.

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