FINAL TEAM JACK Marathon Relay 2011 Wrap-Up

Hello everyone,

Well it might take many hours to complete the marathon… but I have discovered… not as long as it takes to do the video:)   I really wanted to make sure I captured our 5.5 hour venture in photos and not miss anyone that it included.  I think this may be the perfect time of year to share this with you – in many ways it reminded me of many things I am grateful for.

So – when you have about 14 minutes to spare, turn up your volume, widen your screen and push the play button below.  Enjoy the memories that YOU are a big part of… YES it is long…but I know it reminded me of why we do what we do… you are all a part of this ‘production’ in some way… enjoy!
…AND I am thrilled to announce that The TEAM JACK 2011 Marathon Relay raised $6922.06 ~ all to the pediatric oncology ward at VGH!  Amazing…

This brings TEAM JACK fundraising to over $35,000 over the past 3 years.  In addition to this another $27,000+ was raised through our events and fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital.
EXCITING NEWS:  After submitting the chq from the TEAM JACK 2011 efforts… I learned that the much need isolation room for our VGH pediatric oncology ward has been approved for construction and YES our fundraising efforts will make it happen!

If you have received this email, it is because in some way, in some form, YOU were a part of TEAM JACK!  THANK YOU.. for making a difference!
Merry Christmas everyone… and wishes of health and happiness only throughout 2012!


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