2013 Sole Sisters Victoria begins January 22nd! Are you coming?

It’s an exciting time of year… Don’t forget about YOU and YOUR wellness!  Sole Sisters has everything… well except brothers… BUT we know they are there in spirit.  Affordable on-site childcare, a 200 page Sole Sisters manual that includes multiple programs for walkers and runners of EVERY level possible… a 10k program… a half marathon program… there truly is a place for everyone!  35 trained leaders ready to lead you with enthusiasm… AND a program to assist anyone finding dollar signs are stopping them from coming!  Please ask me!  I hope to meet you in the gym Tuesday night @ 6pm.   Give yourself the gift of Sole Sisters… your “presence” is ours!   Please watch our 2013 Sole Sisters Smilebox invite as your pre-clinic motivator.


About Mena
I founded and created Sole Sisters officially as a program of my company, PowerWest Atheltics in 2007. After working with groups in walking and running for years previous, an obvious need and desire shone through for women. BSc. Major in Psychology, secondary studies in the school of Physical Education & Leisure Studies, Undergrad 1995. Diploma in Public Sector UVic in Management partially completed…planning to return soon to complete my masters in the School of Exercise Physiology. I am presently enrolled with the Leadership Victoria program and plan to graduate in May of 2014.

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